So what have I been doing?

  • A digitization pen to help with note-taking in the near future?
  • A sensor sheet to detect both pressure and bending?
    • Applications?
      • Rehabilitation (My friend recently tore his ACL, he hopes this will make physical therapy measurements less painful)
      • Augmented reality control (Can be cut to a hand shape, sensing finger bending and contact)
      • Sports monitoring (Measurement of posture and impact)
    • Some technical documentation on this: (Code at end)

Other projects in progress?

  • A searchable collection of university lecture videos
    • All of these lectures are being held virtually right now, so what if we could preserve and share them all?
  • A video chat system to meet new friends during this quarantine
    • Features a grouping system so you can meet people while talking with friends you already know (s o c i a l d i s t a n c i n g !)
  • A wearable navigation device for urban cyclists
    • No more dangerous glances at your phone as you approach busy intersections
  • An online game (more details on this soon)
    • Designed to be cheater-free, fast, and shiny!

What about some fun stuff? (even more fun, of course)

Want to see some code?